5P Competences Tools Now Available

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27 October 2023

As the 5P Competences project draws to a close, we are proud to announce that the  Moodle course on Sustainability Skills in Adult Education has been completed and will be released to the public in 5 different languages (EN, DE, ES, GR, RO) in the next days.

You will find modules and learning materials for people who on the background of their professional or civic activities are concerned with the development of learning opportunities on sustainable development.

You will learn about the theoretical and pedagogical foundations of the 5P competence framework, as well as possible applications in the context of developing education for sustainable development. Furthermore, the course provides a selection of case studies, demonstrating how to put the competence framework into practice.

Let us know what you think

Have you enrolled in the Moodle course?
Please get in touch with us at projects@eucen.eu and let us know what you think! Your feedback is very important.

If you are interested in discussing 5P topics further, if you have some questions or would like to to receive help with anything related to education for sustainable development, join the 5P Community of Practice. This is a European online network and community where anyone can share best practices or ask for support on anything related to this project and its tools. 

Fourth Transnational Partners Meeting

On 28 and 29 September 2023, the 5P Competences partners gathered for an in-person meeting in Piraeus to discuss the final arrangements prior to the completion of the project.

As the 5P Competences project approaches its end date, the consortium also took the opportunity to reflect back on the work done. Since the start of the project, the consortium has developed and published a Conceptual Frame of Reference. This tool serves as a useful framework for anyone wishing to convey knowledge and values of sustainability to an audience of adult learners. This is especially relevant to the field of lifelong learning.

Following the Conceptual Frame of Reference, the consortium developed a Competence Framework. This research report goes in greater detail and provides a list of the specific sustainability competences that can be taught to an audience of adult learners. This includes: a description of each competence, what theoretical knowledge or skills are needed to acquire that competence, what attitude one needs to embody to have that competence and some useful examples of each competence.

Finally, a Digital Competence Framework was also developed which can be used for digital learning systems and used in virtual adult learning environments, for example Moodle.

The meeting was very useful for the partners because it allowed them to clarify what next tasks need to be done and to agree on internal deadlines for the development of the online training modules on sustainability, in order to finalise them and make them available for the public to use.

To download all the tools developed as part of this project, please visit the 5P Competences website.