BeFlex Plus

Progress on Flexibility in the Bologna Reform
07 September 2015

The first BeFlex project produced important results that were eagerly awaited and well received, generating a lot of interest as previously little was known about what is going on in University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) and how the Bologna reforms had affected development. Link to BeFlex.

The follow-up project, BeFlex Plus, aimed to:

  1. Update the knowledge about how ULLL was developing in Europe
  2. Promote the development of policy and practice in ULLL and the use of the Bologna tools
  3. Support universities in the development and implementation of regional strategies for ULLL

The products from the BeFlex Plus project are:

All the BeFlex Plus products are licensed under the attribution 4.0 international (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence).

Emerging from the works of BeFlex Plus, eucen coordinated the follow up project IMPLEMENT.