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Digital Innovation, Erasmus+ project focuses on how to improve the teachings related to service innovation of SMEs.
Project 2020-1-PL01-KA203-081891.
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03 March 2021

¨Innovation is the calling card of the future.¨ 

The team of experts focuses on digital innovation specifically in service of SMEs. How can we improve the way innovation in service is taught in HEs? What are the processes that SMEs apply in order to innovate their service? Join us in these discussions via the LinkedIn Group.
From retail to real estate, transport to tourism, services provide 150 million EU jobs and their role in driving smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth is undisputed.

However, it has long been a concern that service innovation has not been the main focus of SMEs whose effort was mostly put in the innovation of the product itself. Lately, especially with Covid19, the landscape is changing. While some start-ups rapidly switched to e-commerce, making it possible for their customers to shop and communicate online, many other companies indeed have failed.

So, how can we prevent businesses from failing to implement innovation, causing them to shut down?

The Digital Innovation project explores the most suitable innovation processes that SMEs can implement in order to improve their customer service. The team of experts will specifically focus on the way such processes are taught in higher education systems, preparing the future entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and tools. 

The first tangible results of the project will be the intellectual outputs:

IO1: The Digital Innovation Audit will consist of a 4-step approach in order to gauge the most appropriate digital tools available for new product innovation within the service sector. Consisting of a state-of-the-art review on new service development by micro businesses and SMEs, this research will be the corner stone for all of the follow outputs.

IO2: Digital Innovation Benchmarking Tool – an innovative, online interactive tool for SMEs to identify their current digitisation levels. This simple, yet powerful tool will help businesses to create a benchmark of where their new product development process is in terms of utilizing digital tools which are available.

IO3: Problem Based Learning Open Educational Resources which will engage a critical thinking approach to teaching Digital Innovation for service sector SMEs. Students will be encouraged to use existing resources on innovative digital skills as a starting point in choosing the applicable/appropriate tools which they will utilise in their PBL solutions.

You can explore more on the project website: https://www.innovatingdigitally.eu/

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