Education and Training Monitor 2020

education monitor

The European Commission has published the Education and Training Monitor 2020. It presents a yearly evaluation of the education and training system across Europe. The report brings together the latest data, technical papers and studies, as well as examples of policy measures from different EU countries. It offers a cross-national and thematic analysis as well as 27 individual country reports.

At tertiary education level, attainment has grown in each Member State since 2009, on average by 9.2 pps in the last 10 years. However, the increase has varied significantly, from only 1.4 pps in Finland to an impressive 22.5 pps in Slovakia. Overall, those countries that started with a TEA rate below the EU target in 2009 seem to have substantially boosted their performance since then.

In terms of adult learning, the participation target for 2020 has not been reached and the improvement over the past decade has been slow and uneven. The European Skills Agenda sets out new indicators for adult learning participation based on a 12 months reference period.

Do not miss section 3.3 – the future trends of education! A really interesting chapter to read.

Follow the link to access the full Education and Training Monitor 2020.