eucen Call for Contributions - Autumn 2022

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This year eucen‘s autumn call invites you to submit contributions for the Autumn Seminar and/or the Open Fora. There are 4 topics in total:

ULLL as enabler of talent enhancement – Reskilling and upskilling to meet new demands. In light of the constant labour market demands for different and better skills, ULLL plays a key role in deliving the required training. How are HE-VET institutions meeting this demand?

Digital Learning – Using technology to access knowledge. How is technology influencing education and what are the latest development in the sector? Which role do plays Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Ledge Technology and other technological innovations play?

Responsible Learning – Connecting with the community. Besides research and teaching, universities have a so-called “third mission” to engage with their communities, and address societal challenges, including rising unemployment, growing economic inequalities and climate change. How are our universities currently addressing these challenges?

Inclusive Learning – Building a world where everyone is welcome. The European Commission states that “making higher education systems inclusive and connected to society requires providing the right conditions for students of different backgrounds to succeed“. Opening up to diversity entails embedding it as a key principle in institutional policies, and implementing it through concrete actions.

Do not miss the opportunity to submit your abstracts for the online Open Fora or for the face-to-face Autumn Seminar!

See you in November!