The eucen Policy Talks 2023 hosted by the European Parliament

PolicyTalks Sep23

eucen‘s current year Policy Talks event has been hosted by the European Parliament in their brand new Info Hub space. 

The session with 20 European key stakeholders of eucen included HEI representation from Denmark, Spain or Italy Denmark, civil society (EUA, LLL Platform, Solidar, ESU, EURASHE or ATEE) and policy makers from UNESCO Institute from lifelong learning, OECD and the European Commission with delegates from DG EMPL and DG EAC actively involved in the discussion. 

Can we dissociate economic challenges from social challenges? How is University Lifelong Learning assisting in the development of Europe? Which is the role of universities and how the other stakeholders perceive their input? 

The event, organised and led by eucen, brought very interesting discussion and exchange. In the following weeks a summary of the debate will be shared in our website in the Shaping Policy/Policy Talks section.