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Empowering female migrants for digital competences
Project 2020-1-DE01-KA203-005668.
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03 March 2021

A strong digital skillset is considered a key point of contemporary education. However, even nowadays, a digital gender gap exists and is most acute among migrants or refugees who face a double disadvantage consistently confirmed by research. Barriers include the disruption that migration poses to the learning process, cultural gender stereotypes and discrimination – both conscious and unconscious.
On the other hand, women that migrate are more likely than men to have tertiary degrees. Despite existing significant barriers, improved digital skills could therefore have a greater effect on their ability to integrate, especially in the labour market, but also as active citizens in society.
Include Her partners will work to develop and promote an innovative approach to empower female migrants in higher education to attain higher levels of digital skills.
Based on the recognition of gender differences in motivation and engagement with digital technology, the project resources will better equip HEIs in all participating countries to improve the digital skills of migrant women, thus increasing their abilities to integrate in the labour market and as active citizens in society. In the meantime, the project will contribute to addressing the  gender imbalance in the digital sphere.
You can follow the project’s progress here.

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