"Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality" open MOOC


The iPEAR project coordinated by Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg is developing a number of tools connected with Augmented Reality (AR). One of these tools will be a MOOC to learn about AR and its application. The MOOC will have 5 units of 2 hours each and will start on Wed 19 October 2022. Do not miss it! Almost 100 participants have registered already!

This MOOC will…

1) make you aware of Peer-to-Peer learning pedagogy
2) make you aware of visual literacy from augmented reality perspective
3) make you aware of real-life case studies from different disciplines

After the MOOC, you will be…

1) able to understand the philosophy, science, and art of peer-to-peer learning
2) able to understand the potential of visualising learning from AR perspective
3) aware of the AR tools available with examples
4) able to design pear learning scenarios for your students

This course is free, but registration is needed.

How to register? 
Simply visit this site, create your personal account and add this course to your account. You can then sit and relax! You will be reminded when the course is about to start!