Involve Me

Involve me: Implementing the use of Virtual Reality in Business Education
Project KA220-HED-1FD58637.

12 April 2023

One of the challenges faced at higher education institutions (HEIs) is to ensure that students are prepared to thrive in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. Deans of European business and management schools have emphasised that graduates must be able to demonstrate not only technical competence but also critical thinking, ethical values and cultural awareness. (The Future of Graduate Management Education As Envisioned by European Deans, GMAC, 2022).

InvolveME will boost innovation, raising the stimulating decision-makers, professors and lecturers to adopt new teaching methodologies & bringing real benefits for students who will be better equipped to bridge the gap between learning about a profession and performing it in real-life scenarios.


Image disclaimer: Image by Freepik