eucen's Steering Committee meets in Mainz (DE) for its 2023 strategic workshop

SCworkshop Sep23

eucen has been organising working session with the members of its Steering Committee in the last years. An event where “usual business” are not discussed, and were the Steering Committee can focus on strategy and plan which are the initiatives, topics and objectives for the following years.

This year the Johannes Gutenberg University (DE) has hosted this two-day activity and provided a facilitator, Iris Zoe Thimm-Netenjakob, who with her skills has helped the group to explore different strategic points using interesting methods.

In the following weeks a GANTT chart, a list of tasks and a plan will be finalised so that work can start. 

Details on the work done and the plans for the next two years will be presented to all eucen members attending the General Assembly in Cork in May 2024. We hope you are curious and want to attend the annual members next year.