BEQUEL project wrap-up

bequel wrapup

While there’s been a huge uptake in e-learning since the Covid-19 pandemic, including in Vocational Education and Training, little has been done so far to ensure the quality of such provision. The objective of the BEQUEL project was to help VET institutions quality assure their e-learning provision. As part of the project, a quality assurance framework for e-learning in VET was developed, and based on this, the project consortium created an online benchmarking tool, which allows VET institutions to self-assess their e-learning provision. The online benchmarking tool can be accessed¬†here. Sign up to participate in the benchmarking and to find out how your VET institution compares to other institutions both in your country and across Europe!

As part of the project, partners also collected good practices and conducted interviews with experts in e-learning in VET. eucen spoke to Isabell Grundschober, theDeputy Head of the Center for Applied Research and Innovation in Lifelong Learning at the University for Continuing Education Krems (Austria). Check out how e-learning is innovatively implemented at her institution here.