Shaping Policy

eucen and Brussels


eucen has a solid track as expert contributor at different levels and in different contexts to the European Policy Agenda in the area of Education. Our specialised focus in university lifelong learning and our multidisciplinary approach, cross-sectoral and transversal, has put eucen in the centre of the dialogue when lifelong learning is discussed.  

Our association has contributed to works done by the European Commission, specially with DG Education and Culture and DG Employment, and also been called to contribute in works initiated by key stakeholders such as the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL).
Some key papers in which eucen has actively contributed in the past are: the EC Consultation on ECVET (2007),  the  EC paper “It’s never too late to learn” (2007) or the consultation to the future “EU 2020 strategy” (2010). After that date, eucen became basically a permanent stakeholder to the DG EMPL via its full membership in the VET4EU2 group of experts.

Board of Associations of VET providers

In 2010 eucen was invited by the European Commission to be part of the Board of Associations of VET providers as experts in university lifelong learning in that group. eucen became also permanent full member of the VET4EU2 group, that works together to make VET, at different levels, more visible and appreciated. This group of six European associations give advice to DG EMPL in relation to shaping policy and giving visibility to vocational education.

eucen has been co-working with the rest of the VET4EU2 group to help organising the EU VET Week, giving feedback and advice to the European Commission and keeping universities visible as deliverables of education for the employment.

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Working Group on Adult Learning


eucen has been involved in the European Commission Working Group on Adult Learning for many years. The latest official nomination for eucen to belong to this group was confirmed in 2021, for the period 2022-2026.

The main objective of the Working Group is to enable technical exchanges and contributions to support countries implement the actions of the 2020 Skills Agenda that has as its mission re-and upskilling adults and empowering them to continuing learning throughout their lives; and to support capacity building to achieve implementation of the 2016 Council Recommendation on Upskilling Pathways: New Opportunities for Adults as well as to the implementation of the Council Recommendations on individual learning accounts and on micro-credentials for lifelong learning and employability.