Past projects



TRANSVAL-EU Validation of Transversal Skills Across Europe Project 626147-EPP-1-2020-2-AT-EPPKA3-PI-POLICY 18 May 2021 The TRANSVAL-EU project addresses the complex issue of validation of transversal skills. On

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ARPEL Logo Final


ARPEL4Entrep Accreditation & Recognition of Prior Experience & Learning for EntrepreneurshipProject 2020-1-MT01-KA203-074215. 17 March 2021 The ARPEL4Entrep project – Accreditation & Recognition of Prior Experience

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creativechange new


CREATIVE CHANGE More inclusive, creative and agile EU projects Project 2020-1-AT01-KA227-ADU-092553. 16 March 2021 Given the shifts in society and work accelerated by Covid-19, adult

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bequel new


BEQUEL Benchmarking for Quality Assurance in e-learning provision of VET educationProject 2020-1-SK01-KA226-VET-094266. 16 March 2021 COVID-19 crisis has brought a new reality to education provision

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includeher new


Include Her Empowering female migrants for digital competencesProject 2020-1-DE01-KA203-005668. 03 March 2021 A strong digital skillset is considered a key point of contemporary education. However,

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includeme new

Include Me

Include Me Inclusion through mediationProject 2020-1-FI01-KA203-066572. 03 March 2021 Promoting inclusive higher education systems is a key priority for Europe. The European Universities Association, with eucen’s

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inclusivehe new


InclusiveHE Designing and supporting inclusive practices in Higher Education Project 2020-1-FI01-KA203-066572. 10 September 2020 Promoting inclusive higher education systems is a key priority for Europe.

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iPEAR Inclusive Peer Learning with Augmented Reality AppsProject 2020-1-DE01-KA203-5733. 25 February 2021 The iPEAR project combines collaborative expertise of technology-enhanced learning researchers, computer scientists, and

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