Responsible learning

Connecting with the community

Alongside the role of research and innovation hubs and high-quality education institutions, universities also work to address broader societal, environmental and economic challenges. The latter is commonly referred to as the ¨third mission¨ and it is highly intertwined with the work of University Lifelong Learning. 

Lifelong learning offers the flexibility needed to adapt teaching to current community needs so that it can focus on today’s most pressing challenges. Through Lifelong Learning, learners of all ages and from all circumstances have the opportunity to become empowered citizens equipped with the relevant skills and experience required to face global issues such as poverty, social inequalities and environmental degradation.

Active citizenship and Participation

Education for active citizenship and participation not only refers to the knowledge of laws and political systems but also to the understanding of the core values central to our society and our role as citizens.

Sustainable environments

Sustainable development is only possible if we all understand the consequences of our actions on our environment. Education on sustainability enables learners to take responsibility for our shared future.

Social responsibility

University Lifelong Learning has the potential to empower everyone, regardless of their previous education, to become knowledgeable agents able to act with integrity for the benefit of their community.

Learning cities

Learning cities are cities that promote Lifelong Learning opportunities to their inhabitants so that people can develop the ability to tackle challenges and find solutions to the issues affecting them and their society.

NGOs and Service learning

Service learning is a teaching method that is based on the learner´s involvement in their community. When service learning takes place in an NGO, the learner gains knowledge of real societal needs and also hands-on experience of addressing them.

Decreasing regional inequalities

Access to education is highly connected with people´s location. University Lifelong Learning offers an opportunity to access education regardless of where you come from and can tailor learning pathways to suit individuals' circumstances.

Fostering creativity

Encouraging the ability to develop original and innovative approaches at regional or local levels, and establishing new and fruitful connections across various sectors and industries.

Regional enhancement

Promoting the attraction of talent to address regional infrastrucutre needs and supporting a positive business and development climate.

Some projects exploring Responsible Learning

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