Designing and supporting inclusive practices in Higher Education
Project 2020-1-FI01-KA203-066572.
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10 September 2020

Promoting inclusive higher education systems is a key priority for Europe. The European Universities Association, with eucen’s collaboration, has published a report examining the way 159 European Higher Education Institutions engage with and promote diversity, equity and inclusion. This report shows that training on diversity, equity and inclusion mainly targets academic teaching staff, leaving the non-academic staff with very few opportunities for training with inclusive methods and tools. Even when institutions create measures to increase diversity among staff, they mainly focus on gender equality. Research shows that very few institutions have considered to develop practices that support the inclusion of diverse members with ethnic, cultural and migration background.

In this context, the project Designing and supporting inclusive practices in Higher Education – InclusiveHE aims at supporting higher education institutions develop innovative policies and practices for integrating inclusive practices in designing and teaching courses.

More specifically, InclusiveHE intends to:

  • Support higher education providers to design, implement, and monitor effective inclusive policies and practices;
  • Build the competences of learning designers and academics to design inclusive learning programs;
  • Improve the supply of high quality inclusive higher education opportunities for all; 
  • Engage all key stakeholders in inclusive practices.

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