Call for proposals on Digital Assessment in Higher Education

call proposals

Springer has launched a Call for contributions to the series Lecture Notes in Educational Technology for the book “Digital Assessment in Higher Education: Navigating and Researching Challenges and Opportunities”. Do not miss the chance to send your paper!

The topic for this next book is Digital Assessment in Higher Education, with a focus on how to navigate the challenges and opportunities brought on by the digital age. It will address key topics and issues facing educators and HEIs in the design, implementation, and evaluation of DA strategies, while also recognising the importance of the competencies of academic staff for digital assessment.

Conceptual manuscripts or theoretical papers, literature reviews, quantitative or qualitative studies, and case studies, are welcomed to be presented for the next publication of the book series, on the following topics (potential but not limited to):

– The Role of Digital Assessment in Higher Education.
– Challenges in Digital Assessment
– Opportunities with Digital Assessment
– Implementation and Integration
– Digital Ethics in Assessment
– Future Directions and Emerging Trends

Find more information about the proposed topics here.

Abstracts are welcomed until 12 June, 2023, and the full chapter by 11 September, 2023. Send your work directly to d-eva@e-uvt.ro.


Abstracts should be less than 250 words and manuscripts should be 6,000-10,000 words in length including figures, tables, references, and the abstract. Please follow the guidelines of Springer for chapter contributions.

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