Migrant Acceleration for Growth Network for Entrepreneurship Training
Project COSME 764357.
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09 January 2018

The MAGNET project is coordinated by Danube University Krems (AT) and aims to create a network of organisations active in the field of migrant entrepreneurship, as well as interested public and private actors. It will seek to promote the creation, further development and borad dissemination of existing support schemes for migrant entrepreneurs.

Despite a general consensus and excitement surrounding the possibilities that migrant entrepreneurship offers for both migrant integration and host communities, there is a growing body of evidence that migrant entrepreneurs require a different set of support systems to successfully set up and run their businesses in a changing society with dynamic economic and labout market situations. Transnational and regional efforts to share information, experience and expertise on migrant entrepreneurship support are crucial to better tackling the challenges associated with labour market integration of an intensifying wave of migrants.

These will be the main MAGNET activities:

  • Develop and pilot-test a train-the-trainer peer-learning programme for people, organisations and and other parties active in the field of migrant entrepreneurship support at higher level
  • Develop and Open Toolkit for Migrant Entrepreneurship Support on the basis of good-practice analysis and improvement
  • Implement an online-platform in order to guarantee open access to the Open Toolkit
  • Broad and holistic networking activities in the migrant entrepreneurship support field, both on regional and transnational level

Project website: www.migrantacceleration.eu
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MagnetNetworkEU/