You can still register for EUCEN 2023 in Utrecht!

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The EUCEN Conference 2023 will be held in Utrecht from May 31st until June 2nd 2023.

The leading European conference in the field of University Continuing Education offers a variety of interesting keynote speakers and active sessions focusing on trends, solutions and the latest research in the field of Lifelong Learning. The theme for this conference is “University Continuing Education with Impact: The Power of Connection!

You still have one month to register and join us from May 31st until June 2nd! You can also take advantage of a special discounted rate if you make your hotel reservation via the hotel portal.

During EUCEN 2023 we would like to focus on collaboration and connection. How do we jointly expose the need for expertise and intelligible learning and development questions? How can we meet that need through University Continuing Education? What does that mean for our current portfolio? How can we cooperatively develop new knowledge and insights? What connections should we develop or strengthen? How can we organise cooperation and create participation and learning networks? And how do we organize business processes to facilitate University Continuing Education from the core of a university?

Several interesting speakers will contribute to this theme, including European Commission Director-General Joost Korte, the rector magnificus of Utrecht University Henk Kummeling, the rector magnificus of Leiden University and a member of the steering committee of the National Lifelong Learning Katalysator Hester Bijl and the Dean Lifelong Learning of Utrecht University Wieger Bakker. You can read more about our keynote speakers and programme here!

We look forward to welcoming you at Utrecht University and we warmly welcome EUCEN participants from all over the world to come and enjoy our beautiful town of Utrecht. You can now sign up for the conference here!