Strengthening University Lifelong Learning in Europe

Established in 1991, eucen is the largest multidisciplinary association for University Lifelong Learning in Europe. We represent this educational level in Europe through our research, lobbying and activities.

What do we understand by University Lifelong Learning?

The definition of University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) varies between countries and universities. eucen seeks to embrace this rich diversity and to have a coherent focus for its activities.

Taking into account different views, in 2007 eucen adopted the following definition:

University Lifelong Learning (ULLL) is the provision by higher education institutions (HEIs) of learning opportunities, services and research for: the personal and professional development of a wide range of individuals – lifelong and lifewide; and the social, cultural and economic development of communities and the region. It is at university level and research-based; it focuses primarily on the needs of the learners; and it is often developed and/or provided in collaboration with stakeholders and external actors.










eucen’s philosophy

eucen understands University Lifelong Learning to encompass a flexible learner-centric approach which allows learner to learn at their own pace, in their own prefarred space, according to their own specific needs. Discover eucen‘s four main focus areas:

Digital learning


Using technology to enhance learning.

Professional learning

Professional learning

Continuously developing professional talent.

Responsible learning

Responsible learning

Connecting and working with the community 

Inclusive learning small


Developing a world where all are welcome

Upcoming events!

Cork May2024 NEW

54th eucen Annual Conference - CORK

Book the dates in your calendars for the eucen annual conference in Cork (IE), 29-31 May 2024.

University Lifelong Learning Leading positive change in challenging times

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2024 eucen Autumn Seminar

Barcelona, 14-15 November 2024. Prepare for the next year’s topic!

Skills for a greener future: The role of University Lifelong Learning 

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Networking opportunities

By joining eucen you gain access to a wide network of experts in ULLL in general, as well as experts in key areas such as microcredentials, recognition and validation of prior learning, social responsibility in education, among many more important themes.

Access to privileged EU policy news

eucen‘s privileged access to restricted policy groups in the European Commission allows us to communicate privileged information to our members before it is officially published so that you can stay abreast of new developments in the field as they happen.

Priority to join project proposals

Members of eucen are our first source of identifying  partners for project proposals designed by eucen or our stakeholders.

Knowing your expertise and interests allows us to offer you the chance to get involved in new opportunities.